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MolinaCares Commitment

Molina of Ohio is providing Ohio’s Medicaid patients with high-quality health coverage – resulting in better health outcomes for Ohioans across the state. Molina continues to provide excellent care for Ohioans with a commitment to quality care, optimized physician communications and services, and a greater focus on women and children.

Working every day to improve the lives of our members

MolinaCares is dedicated to improving health outcomes with a focus on promoting women’s health, keeping families and children healthy, providing quality care and helping those living with illnesses.

Our COVID-19 Response

Molina cares about how COVID-19 is impacting our members and our communities, which is why Molina has waived out-of-pocket costs associated with COVID-19 testing and treatment for MolinaCares members and has donated over $150,000 worth of personal protective equipment (“PPE”) for Ohio health care professionals and local community-based organizations.

Press Releases

06/29/2021 The MolinaCares Accord Supports Make-A-Day Foundation’s Mobile Kitchen Serving the Hungry in Columbus 

03/19/2020 Molina Healthcare of Ohio Takes Measures to Provide New Resources to Support Members Due to COVID-19

04/02/2020 Molina Healthcare of Ohio Announces $150,000 Commitment to Fund Purchase of Personal Protective Equipment and Other Essential Supplies

Promoting Women’s Health

Women have unique health care needs that are often underserviced. One of our top priorities is to make sure women in Ohio have access to screenings and other preventative health measures they need. We are dedicated to providing access to the full spectrum of care for pregnant women and new mothers – from connecting members to obstetricians to addressing the needs of new mothers after their children are born.


Molina Healthcare of Ohio Accelerates Needed Support and Resources for Women and New Mothers

The MolinaCares Accord Announces Support to Groundwork Ohio to Launch the Center for Family Voice

Keeping Families and Children Healthy

MolinaCares is dedicated to the full spectrum of children’s needs, beyond just physical health.

  • Food insecurity is an issue plaguing communities across Ohio, and MolinaCares is doing its part to help provide healthy food to Ohio’s children.
  • A strong mind is as important as a strong body. That’s why Molina created the Molina Community Innovation Fund, which has committed $1.5 million to different charities, such as Ohio Children’s Alliance, which is establishing a statewide tele-mental health platform to support 35 community mental health agencies in every region of Ohio to improve access to mental health care to over 75,000 children per year.
  • Children need positive role models to help guide them to healthy behaviors. MolinaCares is proud to support efforts to enrich Ohio’s children through pairing them with community members who model healthy routines.


Molina Healthcare of Ohio Invests in the Physical and Mental Wellness of Children

Molina Healthcare of Ohio Supports Behavioral Health and Substance Disorder Programs Locally

Molina Healthcare of Ohio Offering its Medicaid Members Three Months of Amazon Prime

Providing Quality Care

MolinaCares is reaching Medicaid members in every corner of the state and providing high-quality health coverage for qualifying Ohioans. For over 15 years, Molina has served in many of Ohio’s most diverse communities – contacting and interacting with members in schools, health fairs, and other gatherings to connect qualified families to the care they need.

We prioritize serving members in communities across Ohio that lack adequate resources to care, ensuring they are connected to needed health care services.


Molina Healthcare Tackles Health Disparities in the Buckeye State

Molina Healthcare of Ohio and Cityblock Health

The MolinaCares Accord to Improve Minority Access to Dental Care Through New Ohio Scholarship Program

Helping those Living with Illness

Community health is as important as individual member health, and MolinaCares is working diligently to keep its members healthy and improve the well-being of entire communities. Through partnerships with community organizations, we can help those living with chronic conditions lead healthier lives. Molina not only covers members’ access to medical treatment, but also prioritizes helping members build healthy habits.

Providers’ Communication and Services

There is nothing more important in keeping Ohio communities healthy than fostering the trusted relationship between Ohioans and their physicians. Members and their medical team must be partners in creating a treatment plan, and Molina works to connect members with the best physicians across the state.

We are proud to partner with all of our network physicians and work to support Ohio’s providers as they serve our members.


The Molina Healthcare “It Matters to Molina” Program Strives to Increase Provider Engagement and Satisfaction and Improve Members’ Health Outcomes

Disclaimer: This website has been established to highlight the various community investments, charitable contributions, and partnerships Molina Healthcare engages in. If you are a member or health care professional looking for information about Molina Healthcare benefits and services, please go to MolinaHealthcare.com.