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MolinaCares Commitment

Molina of Texas provides Medicaid recipients high-quality health coverage – resulting in better health outcomes for Texans across the state. Molina provides excellent care for Texas’ Medicaid population, while also being good stewards of Texas’ taxpayer dollars.

Working every day to improve the lives of our members

Molina Healthcare is dedicated to improving health outcomes with a focus on promoting women’s health, keeping families and children healthy, providing quality care, and helping those living with illnesses.

Our COVID-19 Response

Molina cares about how COVID-19 is impacting our members and our communities, which is why Molina Healthcare has waived out-of-pocket costs associated with COVID-19 testing and treatment for Molina members and has donated over $300,000 to Texas foodbanks and other nonprofits dedicated to helping Texans through this challenging time.

Now, as Texas returns to normalcy, MolinaCares has hosted a panel of experts to look back at how COVID-19 has affected the underserved, especially the aging population, and to discuss how healthcare, academia, government, and community-based organizations can work together to meet the needs of our growing senior population. Watch the panel discussion here.

Promoting Women’s Health

Women have unique health care needs that are often under-serviced. One of our top priorities is to make sure women in Texas have access to screenings and other preventative health measures they need. We are dedicated to providing access to the full spectrum of care for pregnant women and new mothers – from connecting members to obstetricians to addressing the needs of new mothers after their children are born.

We recently held a virtual panel discussion about What’s Next: Maternal Care in Texas.

Experts weighed in on Texas’ high maternal mortality rate, COVID-19’s
impact on maternal care, access to care, reaching the underinsured and
uninsured, and how to improve the number of healthy babies and healthy births. Watch the panel discussion here.

Keeping Families and Children Healthy

Molina Healthcare is dedicated to the full spectrum of children’s needs, beyond just physical health.

  • Food insecurity is an issue plaguing communities across Texas, and Molina is doing its part to help provide healthy food to Texas’ children. We’ve partnered with the El Paso Center for Children to create a “Community Closet,” stocked with everyday essentials to meet the immediate needs of those the center serves. Additionally, over $300,000 has been donated to local foodbanks around the state.
  • A strong mind is as important as a strong body. Many children in Texas lack the learning materials they need at home, and Molina is dedicated to helping close the gap.
  • Children need positive role models to help guide them to healthy behaviors. Molina is proud to support efforts to enrich children through pairing them with community members who model healthy routines.

MolinaCares partnered with Feeding Texas to support millions of Texans struggling in the aftermath of severe weather and record-breaking cold endured throughout the state.

Providing Quality Care

Molina Healthcare is reaching Medicaid members in every corner of the state and providing high-quality health coverage for qualifying Texans. For over 15 years, Molina has served in many of Texas’ most diverse communities – contacting and interacting with members in schools, health fairs, and other gatherings to connect qualified families to the care they need.

We prioritize serving members in communities across Texas that lack adequate recourses to care, ensuring they are connected to needed health care services.

Helping those Living with Illness

Community health is as important as individual member health, and Molina Healthcare is working diligently to keep its members healthy and improve the well-being of entire communities. Through partnerships with community organizations, we can help those living with chronic conditions lead healthier lives. Molina not only covers members’ access to medical treatment, but also prioritizes helping members build healthy habits.

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Press Releases

09/27/2021 Molina Healthcare of Texas Hosts COVID-19 Vaccine Events Across the State

09/14/2021 The MolinaCares Accord Hosts Panel on the Future of Maternal Care in Texas

07/08/2021 The MolinaCares Accord Hosts Panel on Senior Care in a Post-Pandemic Texas

06/24/2021 The MolinaCares Accord Host Drive-in Movie Night in Northwest Houston

05/19/2021 Molina Healthcare of Texas and Su Clinica Partner to Vaccinate Rio Grande Valley Residents 

05/17/2021 Molina Healthcare of Texas and Dallas Museum of Art Launch Virtual Art Class Series for Seniors 

05/05/2021 Molina honors Texas mothers through food drive and gifts

03/04/2021 The MolinaCares Accord and Niagara Bottling Partner to Provide Drinking Water to Texans

03/01/2021 The MolinaCares Accord Donates $250,000 to Feeding Texas

02/17/2021 Molina Healthcare of Texas Helps Members Endure Difficult Winter Storm

04/27/2020 North Texas Food Bank Receives $20,000 Donation from Molina Healthcare to Help Feed Area Residents in Need

04/16/2020 Molina Healthcare Donates $30,000 to Texas Nonprofit Organizations in Response to Coronavirus Shortages

03/10/2020 Molina Healthcare of Texas Waives COVID-19 Testing Costs for Members

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Donation to the El Paso Center for Children

MHT donates $10,000 to each Moorland Family YMCA and Meals on Wheels Texas

MHT donates $5,000 to Mercy Ministries

Molina Healthcare donates to food bank

Disclaimer: This website has been established to highlight the various community investments, charitable contributions, and partnerships Molina Healthcare engages in. If you are a member or health care professional looking for information about Molina Healthcare benefits and services, please go to MolinaHealthcare.com.